Santa Monica Veterinarian Explains What To Expect During a Housecall Visit

Santa Monica Veterinarian Explains
What To Expect During a Housecall Visit

What to Expect During a Santa Monica Veterinarian Housecall Visit

Does your cat hate being put into a pet carrier?

Does your dog develop spider-like legs when trying to walk into the veterinary hospital?

Why not try a veterinary housecall?
Here's the first step!

Request an appointment with GreenTree Veterinary Service by visiting our patient portal and creating an account here. One of our skilled team members will call you to help understand your goals and questions for the appointment. We tailor every appointment to ensure we are meeting the needs of every pet. New COVID restrictions are requiring most traditional hospitals to offer curbside service only, which means clients are often forced to either wait in their car for the duration of the appointment or leave their pet. These appointments can be difficult on both the clients and their pets, in particular when there are concerns or questions around behavior or aging. Dr. Greenbaum has experienced the anxiety and stress in patients in the hospital setting. Our great housecall service will help you avoid the stressful pet carrier moments or the long muscle flexing walk to the door.

Step Two: The Location

Where will the exam take place in your home? For better safety and social distancing we suggest outdoor exams when possible but if not, the living room tends to be the best place. Cat appointments usually do best in smaller spaces such as an office or a bathroom.

Third and final step, the actual appointment!

When Dr. Greenbaum arrives, she will be prepared with healthy treats for all the good puppies and kitties, only if mom or dad approve of course. Dr. G will review medical history with you including diet, activity level, and any other questions or concerns you may have. As she goes through her physical exam, she will explain her findings to you so that owners are knowledgeable about their pet’s wellbeing. Usually, the physical exam is combined with head rubs and playtime, and many pets don’t even realize that they’re being examined. For wellness appointments, vaccines will be updated based on medical records. For dogs with mild illnesses such as an ear infection, the visit would include a thorough ear cleaning by Dr. G and then she teaches you how! Throughout this process, you will remain with your pet and may (and should!) even be able to hug your pet for moral support through the exam. If further diagnostics are required, Dr. G will help work out a plan to make a hospital visit as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Total appointment time

Average time 30 minutes. Compare that to driving to the hospital, waiting in the lobby, waiting to see the doctor for a 15-minute appointment, waiting to get checked out, then driving home, which is often 2+ hours!

Save time, save stress, call GreenTree to schedule a housecall today!

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