Telemedicine Tips

Veterinary Care in Santa Monica CA Telemedicine Tips
  • Maybe you saw your cat lick a plant.

  • Maybe your dog got into the trash.

  • Maybe you want guidance on tooth brushing or ear cleaning.

Wish you could run it by a vet?

Wondering if you’re going to have to take time off from work to spend half of the day waiting in the vet hospital?

I can help you sort out what is urgent and what can wait for a scheduled appointment. I can also help walk you through procedures like giving medication, toothbrushing, and ear cleaning, to help keep your pets healthier at home.

Please Have Ready At The Time Of Our Appointment:

  1. Your pet’s approximate weight
  2. Any medications (including flea and heartworm prevention) they are using
  3. If sick, onset and duration of symptoms
  4. If healthy, please have materials such as ear cleaner or tooth brush and paste prepared.

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