Shelby, unknown, May 1st 2024

Born in South Korea and rescued from a kill shelter she was then brought to LA. After a few weeks of foster homes, she found her way to me. She was always down to party and wanted to be taken everywhere, but could also just stay home and chill.

When we moved to a remote rocket base in Texas, she was down for the journey. She witnessed multiple rocket launches and won the hearts of people who never thought of themselves as “dog lovers”. Always the life of the party.

When we moved back to LA and had to remove one eye due to an emergency, she bounced back like nothing happened and continued to be the cutest snuggliest lil grump.

At age 18 – 20 she still had an appetite for all snacks, but her cognitive abilities were fading suffering from confusion, arthritis, heart mummer.

Surround by loved ones and friends, we said goodbye to this amazing friend.

Planning to launch her ashes to space as a final adventure for this amazing spirit.

Go Shelby. go. You will be forever missed.