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Veterinary Care

House Calls

Do your pets get stressed at the veterinary hospital? Have you considered treating them in their most comfortable place, at home? Dr. Susan will come to your home or a designated place where your pet is comfortable to perform physical exams and end of life care. Vaccines and other procedures are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Farm Calls

Cows, sheep, goats, and pigs all need veterinary care, too. Dr. Susan has worked with herds ranging from 1-3000 cows and can tailor your veterinary goals to work towards your production goals. For small ruminants and pigs, we will work to identify what your routine needs are and establish a care plan.


Patients who have had a physical exam performed by Dr. Susan within the last year are eligible to have regular telemedicine check-ins. Advantages of these conversations include early disease detection based on changes in behavior, appetite, or other issues that may be discussed, regular access to answers for veterinary questions, and accountability for challenges such as weight loss and management of medications.


Protocol Review

Dr. Susan will help you identify areas for improvement, then help establish protocols so that procedures are done consistently and efficiently. Her experience includes developing biosecurity, antibiotic use, and animal handling protocols. These are helpful for both small and large animal facilities.

Employee Training

Employees who are knowledgable about why their role is important will often invest themselves more deeply into their job. Improvements in animal welfare, productivity, and efficiency can be experienced when employees are actively participating and engaged in their jobs, not just checking a box. In addition to helping establish protocols, Dr. Susan offers employee training in English and Spanish.

Emergency Clinic Information

If your pet requires more intensive care, you will be referred to a local full-service emergency hospital.

If Dr. Susan cannot be reached, do not hesitate to contact a local Full-Service Emergency Hospital.


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