Pandemic Pups: 7 Great Separation Anxiety Tips from Your Santa Monica Vet

Pandemic Pups: 7 Great Separation Anxiety Tips from
Your Santa Monica Vet

7 Seperation Anxiety Tips from Your Santa Monica House Call Vet

Practice Makes Perfect:

Never left your pup alone? Start small - put Fido in a crate or another room, go elsewhere in the house for 1-2 minutes, then come back and give a treat.

  1. Did Fido start barking? Try a distraction toy, like a food puzzle. Fill
    stuffable rubber toys with treats and a healthy mash of banana, oatmeal, pumpkin, and peanut butter, then freeze for a longer lasting treat.
  2. Gradually extend the time that you stay separated.
  3. Still barking or anxious? Try calming music or a light blanket over a crate to help reduce distractions. Here's a great 8 hour playlist to help soothe those nerves!
  4. Remember, start small - just 1-2 minutes to start becomes 5-10 minutes.
  5. Planning to leave for a longer duration? Add on some extra exercise and training time before you leave to tire out Fido’s body and mind, so that a nap seems like a great idea while you’re gone.
  6. Still struggling? Contact Dr. Susan for a telemedicine check-in to review anxiety management options for your stressed pup.

A Convenient Option To Keep an Eye on Your Pet While Away From Home:

  • Want to check in on your pet? A camera can give you peace of mind and give your pet a little reassurance. My Furbo even sends alerts when my dogs are showing anxious behaviors such as barking or pacing.
    • I busted my puppy when she stole toilet paper back when it was a hot commodity. Cooper loves it too because I can toss him treats.
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