Santa Monica Veterinarian Explains How to Create a Balanced Diet For Your Pet

Santa Monica Veterinarian Explains
How to Create a Balanced Diet For Your Pet

Santa Monica CA Veterinarian Explains How to Create a Balanced Diet For Your Pet

Feeding a home-cooked diet to your pet sounds like a great idea because of all the benefits it seems to offer - flavorful food, appetizing smell, and it’s wholesome, homemade food.  However, there are some important considerations before meal prepping for Fido.  Most dog food companies go through intensive testing to ensure their dry kibble contains all of the essential minerals and vitamins needed.  This is where home-cooked diets can miss the mark if not appropriately prepared -  My biggest concern, as a Santa Monica Housecall Veterinarian, is for patients being fed a home-cooked diet is malnutrition.  Age, breed, activity level, and medical history are all important factors that contribute to your pet’s calorie, protein, fat, and mineral requirements.  Missing the mark on these could lead to serious consequences. 

Factors to Consider When Formulating Your Pet's Home-Cooked Diet

There are many factors that will play a part in making sure your pet’s home-cooked diet is well balanced and providing the necessary nutrients. The first step to consider is your pet’s resting energy requirement, or how many calories your pet burns at rest.  Then we factor in activity level.  Additionally, pets with kidney or liver disease may need protein adjustments to their diets whereas, pets with gastrointestinal disease or dietary allergies may need ingredient adjustments.  Pets fed an unbalanced diet, such as lacking in calcium, can lead to brittle bones and/or pathologic fractures. 

How to Ensure a Nutritionally Complete Home-Cooked Diet 

Still interested?  The best way to make sure your pet’s diet is complete is a consult with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. You can visit Nutrition Consult through the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists or look into your nearest veterinary university as they would have an expert on staff.  Another excellent option is to contact Just Food For Dogs (JFFD).  JFFD was created by a veterinarian and has several veterinarians on the staff to help formulate diets - they’ll even help create a recipe for your pet and recommend a multivitamin to ensure the home-cooked diet is balanced.  Pets seem to love home-cooked diets and they’re an especially great option for picky eaters who don’t like dry kibble.  For owners of healthy pets interested in DIY diets, JFFD has a great affordable option to buy the recipe based on your pet’s weight, buy a multivitamin blended to go with the home-cooked diet, then cook the diet yourself.  This is cost-effective, nutritionally balanced, and pets seem to love these diets.  Dog tested, veterinarian-approved!  

Still have questions? We can help!

If you have still have any questions about creating the most effective diet for your pet in Santa Monica feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment, we're here to help!

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