Working Together To Keep Animals Healthy

Our Fees

Wellness Appointments

A $315 Wellness Appointment will include:

  • Housecall fee
  • Physical exam
  • Core vaccines (Canine - Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella; Feline - Rabies, Distemper, FeLV).

Additional vaccines and diagnostics will be charged accordingly.

House Calls

  • Annual/sick housecall: $315
  • Housecall for booster vaccines: $170+
  • Housecall for each additional pet: $170+
  • Labwork housecall $170+
  • Urgent care appointment: $465
  • Emergency after-hours housecall: $875+

Common Services:

  • Heartworm test: $45+
  • Fecal test: $99+
  • Labwork ranges from $150-$500+
  • Technician support: $55+
  • Travel 5-20+ miles outside of base: $55-$175+

Monthly Check-ins

$50 per video chat per 10 minutes

As a veterinarian, I want to hear about how your pet is doing more than just once per year. This is the perfect chance to ask all of those questions so you don’t have to save them for your annual visit!* I can also help triage your pet to help you decide whether a visit to a full-service vet is urgently needed.

Health Certificates

  • Housecall exam for Health Certificate: $315
  • Health certificates range from $160-$900 depending on the requirements of the destination state/country
  • FAVN (rabies titer): $320
  • Shipping label if required by USDA: $150-180+

Farm Calls

$125 within 25 miles of 90404

Animal work is billed at $3/minute. Please be prepared with animals readily accessible when Dr. Susan arrives.

Protocol Review

It all begins with a goal. Maybe you want to operate more efficiently. Maybe you want your employees to follow specific instructions for the benefit of the animals or your facility. Are those instructions clear? Are they easy to implement? Dr. Susan will review your established protocols or help you sit down and put words on paper so that they may be improved. Fee depends on project, including travel.

At Home Euthanasia: Cats $475+, Dogs $500-$550+

Dr. Susan will help your pet pass peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones. This fee includes call charge and all necessary medications. Care of your pet afterwards must be arranged directly with a crematorium. Make arrangements for aftercare

Euthanasia Aftercare:

  • Communal: $100-200
  • Private: $200-500 based on size

If you'd like to receive your pet's ashes back after cremation you will pay the aftercare service directly

Please note: There may be an additional fee for distances outside of a 20 mile perimeter, for after hours or weekend services, or for animals over 100lbs. Every effort will be made to honor specific time requests but please recognize that factors such as traffic may briefly delay provision of services.

Additional Fees May Apply.

Payment in full is required at the time of service. Please check with your insurance company regarding whether housecalls and telemedicine appointments are covered. I am happy provide an invoice for submission.

*Must have had a physical exam performed by GreenTree Veterinary Service within the last 6 months.

**Please note - this consultation may serve as an initial assessment or triage. If your pet requires more intensive care, you will be referred to a local full-service emergency hospital.

If Dr. Susan cannot be reached, do not hesitate to contact a local Full-Service Emergency Hospitals:

Request an



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