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Euthanasia Services in Santa Monica

Being a pet owner is an amazing experience and the bond you share with your four-legged friend is life changing. As pet owners, you also bear the burden of making emotional decisions regarding the quality of life of your animal, this includes accepting that they have reached the end of their life. Whether they are deathly sick, severely injured or just very old and struggle to make it through a day, as their guardians we owe it to them to end their suffering in a dignified manner.

"What we once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

- Helen Keller

Say Goodbye in the
Peace of Your Own Home

Pre-Euthanasia Counseling Available

  • Day(s) Prior

    Schedule appointment with Dr. Susan. Please be certain to receive confirmation.

    Make arrangements for aftercare.

  • Day Of

    Pamper your pet gently. Set up an area where your pet is comfortable and those who would like to be present may gather. Dr. Susan will help your pet pass as peacefully as possible.

  • Day After

    Reminisce about your favorite memories with your pet.

Your Professional TEAM

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End-of-Life Services

Making the decision to help your pet pass without suffering is a challenging, often emotionally-wrenching, decision. Dr. Susan can help prepare and guide you through the process. When the time has come, helping relieve pain and suffering is the kindest gift we can give to our unconditionally loving companions.

Saying goodbye to loved family member is always one of hardest decisions as pet parents we have to make. Sometimes the need is obvious, but other times it’s really hard. Dr. Susan strives to make the process as gentle and easy as humanly possible for both you and your pet.

We’ve been through this process many times and understand how we’d want to be treated and do our best to provide exactly that level of care to every single person and pet who calls us.

If it’s not yet time to say goodbye, or maybe you are not sure it is, we’re here to offer advice, and provide in home hospice care to help make your furry friend’s last months, weeks, or days as comfortable and as happy as possible with our best medical and practical advice.

And if it is time, we’re here to assist in making the transition as gentle as possible, both in the practical matters of saying goodbye and trying to help in the emotional ones.


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At-Home Euthanasia

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GreenTree Veterinary Service offers compassionate euthanasia services for clients in the Santa Monica Area. We are committed to carrying out the process in a dignified manner striving to provide a stress-free experience. 

We’ll make sure you have the time to understand the whole process, and do our utmost to make sure that we discuss your fears, concerns, and questions about the euthanasia process as well as offer access to grief resources should you or your family need them.

Doing this in the pet’s home helps reduce the stress and fear associated with an office visit, or leaving their own territory. You will surround your pet with love at home, in their comfortable space. Our goal is always “no fear, no pain” and “much love” for them, and to minimize the trauma of loss for you.

We will never rush the process – this is your time to say goodbye and we’ll do this at the pace both you and your pet require.

If your pet is suffering from a medical condition that you believe warrants these end of life services we ask that you:

  1. Bring any medical records available
  2. Bring any medication the pet has been prescribed