Mochi, Jan 2008 – Sep 12,2023

Mochi was nearly 11 when she came to us. She was a rescued breeding dog, and spent almost a year with a foster. She never responded to her name, but she would present herself happily for pets. She did not ask for anything but a warm bed, a snack, and to be shown the respect she deserved.

Mochi was a small, furry shiba with the soul of a great hunter. She loved to chase the laser pointer. Every day during the summer she stalked the robin who lived under our deck. She jogged with determination after squirrels, and once, a very aggressive goose.

She loved nightly strolls and snoozing in the sun. She was a stern matriarch to our 3-dog pack. She graciously accepted the arrival and attentions of two human siblings; among their first words were her name, yelled repeatedly and with glee.

Mochi was tenacious. She rebounded fiercely after every setback. In the end, her spirit outlasted her body. We loved her so very much. May her spirit roam free and as feisty as she was in life.

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Kodak – July 10, 2010 – March 23, 2022

For twelve years, Kodak stole our hearts by bringing unconditional love and joy to our home. Kodak was a one-of-a-kind pup. He was a protector, playmate, friend, and loyal companion. He was very smart and extremely affectionate. He had a special and unique personality that brought happiness to all our friends and family. We have been so blessed to have shared his life with him. He will be truly missed but never forgotten. Our memories of him will last forever. Until we meet again, Kodak; we love you.

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